For the Ultimate Experience Register and Get your 32Red Account Verified

32Red makes it easy for UK players to register an account and get their details verified in no time.


Step by Step Verification with 32Red

Before playing casino games or placing sports bets, you are required to register an account and get your details verified. By getting your account verified you can look forward to taking part in various bonus promotions, tournament events, and more. Get your documents verified today for the ultimate online gambling experience through 32Red online casino and sportsbook.

Below you can find more information on how to register an account and steps in verifying all necessary details.

Register an Account with 32Red

The first step is to sign up as a member of 32Red. Simply visit the 32Red website, select the ‘’sign up’’ button on the top right side of the home screen, and follow the necessary steps. By registering an account you will be required to choose your country of residence, age, enter your email address, and more.

Registration is quick and easy, but if you encounter any issues submit the error code/message to the customer support centre.

Verify Your Age

In most countries (including the UK), it is illegal to game if you are under the age of 18 years. For that reason, 32Red takes great care in only accepting registration from patrons of legal age and takes all necessary precautions to ensure that all members are 18 or older.

With registration, you will also be required to submit a form of identification to ensure legal age. If for any reason 32Red suspects underage access from an account, the account will be suspended.

Residing Address Verification

Part of the verification process requires potential members to provide various proof of residence documents which include bank statements, utility bills, mobile contracts, or any official government correspondence certified by the local authorities.

By submitting any of these documents (dated within the last 3 months) verification of your address should be successful. Take note that rental contracts and insurance documents will not be accepted as a form of proof of residence and will void verification.

Verify Your Identity

Verifying your identity is an essential part of getting your account verified and set up to start enjoying 32Red’s various online gambling activities and promotions.

Getting your identity verified is easily done by means of submitting a valid driving licence (photo page), government issued ID, or a valid passport (full double page). Please note that no other types of documents can be accepted as proof of identity.

Submit All Verification Documents

To submit all verification documents simply access 32Red and navigate to your profile. Log in to your account, here you will see all verification options for your specific account. Follow the requested steps and be sure to include all 4 corners of each document submitted.

Additional documentation may be required by 32Red if regulations from the UK gambling commission change or if 32Red suspects underage play or irregularities in the account information received.

32Red’s Verification Process

32Red’s verification process is easy to get through and will ensure all members a safe and secure online gambling profile. Once you have registered your account and have submitted all verification documents that are required you will receive a notification of whether the verification proof has been accepted. This may take up to 72 hours.

Alternatively, if you do not yet have access you can send a clear photograph or scan (with all 4 corners visible) of your documents to the ‘’send us an Email’’ section on the contact form.

32Red Account Verification

Account verification will provide members with a chance to take part in 32Reds extravagant promotions, tournaments, games, and much more. Furthermore, verification is required by the Gambling Commission to verify that the personal data provided is correct. The verification also protects all players from identity theft and keeps transactions fast and secure.

For manual verification of the account be sure to send digital photos or screenshots of the required documents to the verification page. If 32Red does not receive the photos or screenshots in a certain amount of time they may limit deposits and withdrawals on the account.

Security Policy for Personal Documents and Information

32Red pride itself on creating a safe, responsible, and secure gambling platform for UK players. That being said, privacy is extremely important for the platform. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, 32Red keeps all documents submitted to them by clients confidential. All documents are submitted to 32Red through end-to-end transfer and are processed internally. If not processed internally, the documents are handled by trusted third parties that take pride in the 32Reds privacy policy.

Have any questions regarding data protection? Complete the query form that is available in 32Red’s ‘Privacy Notice’ for any related queries. Please note that all information requested by 32Red is compulsory and will be needed for full verification of the account.